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New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that 63 Indian civilian prisoners and 2,559 Indian fishermen have been returned from Pakistan since 2014.

These included 5 Indian civilian prisoners as well as 398 Indian fishermen who have been returned from Pakistan so far this year.

In response to a query by Gujarati Rajya Sabha member Narhari Amin, the MoS for the Ministry of External Affairs, V Muraleedharan, provided the aforementioned statistics during the Rajya Sabha’s monsoon session.

According to Muraleedharan, lists of fishermen and civilian detainees from each nation housed in the prisons of the other are exchanged on January 1 and July 1 of every year in accordance with the India-Pakistan “Agreement on Consular Access,” which was signed on May 21 of that year.

There are 343 civilian inmates and 74 fishermen in Indian custody who are Pakistani or are thought to be Pakistanis, according to the lists exchanged on July 1 of this year. 266 fisherman and 42 civilian inmates who are Indian or are suspected to be Indians are in Pakistan’s custody, according to the country.

According to information now available, Gujarat is home to 205 of the 308 Indian fishermen and civilian detainees being held in Pakistani jails.

The welfare, safety, and security of Indian fishermen and civilian detainees held by Pakistan get the utmost importance from the Indian government. The Indian Mission in Islamabad takes urgent action to request consular access from the Government of Pakistan as soon as cases of the capture of Indian civilian detainees, fishermen, and their fishing boats by Pakistan are reported.

Officials from the Indian High Commission visit Indian fisherman detained in Pakistani jails during Consular Access to check on their well-being and provide daily necessities.

To the Indian civilian prisoners and fishermen, whatever support is offered, including legal assistance. Through diplomatic channels, the issue of the early release and return of Indian civilian prisoners as well as Indian fishermen and their boats is frequently brought up with the Pakistani government.


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