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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: The deadly results of supporting terrorism have once again come into the spotlight following the latest bomb blast that jolted a demonstration in Pakistan.

According to a report in Khalsa Vox, these horrible acts of violence, like as the most recent suicide attack in the market in Peshawar that kill

The outlawed terrorist group Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP), which committed the massacre, quickly took responsibility. According to the Khalsa Vox report, Pakistan was like tasting its own meal because the nation has always been a welcoming atmosphere for terrorists.

According to the magazine, these terrorist outfits continue to commit their horrific atrocities with a chilling ease despite the meagre pushback offered by the Pakistani government.

The public’s outrage has been heightened by allegations that Pakistan’s intelligence services are secretly aiding these organisations. The government’s reluctance to deal with these evil forces has resulted in a haven for terror that has only

If you have snakes in your backyard, they won’t simply bite your neighbours, according to Hillary Clinton. The same terrifying principle also governs terrorism. Terrorists will eventually turn on their host if Pakistan is allowed to serve as a haven for them. The most recent bombings are merely the most heinous illustration of this impending peril.

The consequences of fostering terrorism have begun to threaten not just national security but also the social and economic advancement of the nation, whose economy, despite a bailout from the International Monetary Fund, is still in ruins.

been detrimental to the country.

Now more than ever, Pakistan must stop financing terrorism and focus only on putting those responsible for these horrible atrocities to prison, according to the Khalsa Vox study.

Similar to how widespread terrorism poses a threat to Pakistan’s political stability. According to Khalsa Vox, when a government fails to protect its citizens from violence, it fosters an environment where extremist organisations can flourish and gain control.

According to the Khalsa Vox study, the most recent explosion in Pakistan has raised a warning bell that the country cannot afford to ignore any longer.

It is now important for the Pakistani government to stop the growing terrorism since it is no longer about other countries but rather the security of the Pakistani people and their future.

ed more than 50 people, have demonstrated to Pakistan the disastrous results of supporting terrorists.

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