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2.150 HIGHIn NEW DELHI: In order to purchase High Mobility Vehicles (HMV), the Ministry of Defence released two Requests for Information (RFI) on Wednesday. Initially, 2,150 of these vehicles with a payload capacity of at least 8,000 kg are to be purchased. These vehicles will be stationed at the northern (China) and western (Pakistan) borders. MOBILITY VEHICLES TO B

According to one of the RFIs, it is intended to purchase about 650 high mobility 6×6 vehicles with material handling cranes. The second request for information (RFI) is for the purchase of roughly 1,500 high mobility 6×6 General Service vehicles.

According to sources, it is the intention to progressively replace the older cars in the units with modern ones. An officer explained, “The requirement is such that these vehicles could navigate the narrow, sharp-turn mountain roads.”

According to the source, the material handling crane will assist in placing payloads like artillery guns onto the systems.

E BOUGHT BY DEFENCE FORCESAccording to the RFI, vehicles from both categories will be utilised to move heavy equipment, including munitions, on both metal and unmetalled desert and kachcha tracks. The vehicle will have a 6×6 drive and be able to function as a high mobility load carrier in cross-country terrains with a payload capacity of at least 8,000 kg.

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the Ministry of Defence issued two Requests for Information (RFI) in order to procure High Mobility Vehicles (HMV). At first, 2,150 of these cars with a minimum payload of 8,000 kg are to be bought. The western (Pakistan) and northern (China) borders will both have these vehicles stationed there.


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