A 33-page dossier by the Defence Ministry has unmasked Pakistan’s nefarious terror designs aimed to bleed India. India Today has accessed definitive proof of the terror plots hatched by Pakistan and the treachery being practiced by the neighbouring country.

The dossier details how the Pakistani establishment, including its army, carries out infiltration bids across the borders. It also points to how the Hindus, a minority in Pakistan, are being butchered.

The file highlights the killings of policemen, teachers, and migrant workers in Jammu & Kashmir by Pak-backed terrorists, who work as direct proxies of the forces in Islamabad, and exposes how Pakistan kills political workers and brainwashes the youth in Jammu & Kashmir to join the terror ranks.

Infiltration Attempts

The first section of the extensive file, titled “Terrorist Incidents Along The LoC And In The Hinterland”, lists and elaborates the 16 attempts made by Pakistani terrorists to cross over into India between 2020-2021. The comprehensive report also shows the route taken by the terrorists each time across the various sectors along the International Border, the arms and documents seized from them by the security forces. It also lists the number of terrorists killed by the security forces while trying to stop them.

Recruitment Across J&K

“The unabashed state-sponsored terror machinery operating from Pakistani soil remains rooted to a familiar modus operandi. Identify gullible or helpless youth in desperate need of money, indoctrinate them, drum radical and spiteful ideas into their impressionable minds and make them fight the so-called battle of jihad. If the catchment area extends to Kashmir, it includes Pakistan as well,” the report says, talking about the various recruits from the Valley.

Chats attached with the dossier showed terrorists apprising their handlers in Pakistan about their movements.

Targeting Civilians In Kashmir

The third section of the dossier focuses on the target killings in Kashmir.

“In a change of tack in recent years, especially after Article 370 that conferred special status on J&K was abrogated in 2019, Pakistan-sponsored terrorists have targeted civilians in the Valley. The idea is to create a sense of fear and insecurity in the minds of ordinary citizens – who are easy to target – while at the same time peddling a false narrative that things are not ‘normal’ in the former state. And all of this is done in the façade of simmering ‘local’ discontent, by ‘indigenous’ terror groups that are propped up and patronized by the Pakistani Deep State,” it reads.

“Since March this year, there has been a spurt in such violence, with over a dozen cases reported. Many of those targeted were religious minorities. According to data put forth by the Ministry of Home Affairs, 87 civilians have been killed in J&K since the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019, compared to 177 civilians in the previous five years. The victims of terrorist attacks include women and children.”

The report is substantiated by visuals of gruesome killings – of civilians, non-Kashmiri and migrant labourers and members of the minority community and also posters put up by terror outfits warning “non-local stooges to leave our land and get ready for dire consequences (sic)”.

Attempts To Disrupt The Political Process

“Pakistan – supported terrorist groups have targeted political workers, leaders and elected representatives in J&K to dissuade them from participating in the political process and government functioning. A total of 27 such people from different political parties have been killed in the last three years,” the Army file says, listing the political killings in the Valley in recent times.

“In a country that has seen more than three decades of military rule and where the Army calls the shots irrespective of which party forms the government, terrorism with a view to destabilising Jammu and Kashmir has thrived. Despite being placed in the ‘Grey List’ of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), its support to terrorists continues unabated. It’s time the country was named and shamed globally and held accountable for its actions,” the dossier concludes.

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