6,000 Indian construction workers would reach Israel by May during the conflict.

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In order to assist the nation’s construction industry in filling a manpower shortfall resulting from the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict, about 6,000 Indian labourers are scheduled to come in Israel in April and May.

According to a statement released by the Israeli government late on Wednesday, they will be transported to Israel via “air shuttle” as a result of a joint decision by the finance ministry, the construction and housing ministry, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on subsidising charter flights.

In certain fields where there is a shortage of Israeli labour, the Israeli construction industry utilises workers.

About 80,000 of the labourers were from the West Bank, which is governed by the Palestinian Authority, while another 17,000 were from the Gaza Strip. However, a great deal of them had their work permits withdrawn after

This is the “highest number of foreign workers arriving in Israel for the construction sector in a short time,” according to the statement.

“Thanks to the joint financing of the PMO, the finance ministry and the construction and housing ministry, it was agreed approximately one week ago on the arrival of over 6,000 workers from India during April and May on a ‘air shuttle’ following the subsidising of charter flights,” stated the statement.

The statement was made following a meeting called by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the PMO in the midst of a severe labour shortage that has caused multiple projects to halt, raising concerns about the rising cost of living and escalating tensions between various government agencies and businesses.

The Indian labourers are being sent to Israel under a

In the past few months, human resources departments in both India and the United States have worked together to facilitate the B2B movement of some 900 construction workers from India.

Speaking with PTI, industry insiders revealed that just roughly 1,000 workers had come in the three months that had passed since the Israeli Contractors Association (ICA) conducted screening exams and certified over 20,000 workers from India and Sri Lanka for jobs.

The delay was attributed to “bureaucratic procedures,” which involved getting multiple permits.

According to the reports, the majority of the chosen employees quit their employment while they awaited their visas to work in Israel.

“The Israeli government has stated on numerous occasions that it wants to expedite these processes, yet it has not

“The task assigned to us by the government was carried out at a record pace,” the ICA said to PTI last week. Weeks have passed since we finished the three rounds of worker selection, during which time professional approval was granted to hire over 20,000 people, half of whom were assigned to the government track and the other half to the business track.” “We demand that the government move quickly to expedite the approval and departure processes for workers, as well as to bring here those who have already received approval. Everyone affected is harmed by the workers’ arrival delays from Sri Lanka and India,” the statement had stated.

In December of last year, Netanyahu and his Indian colleague Narendra Modi spoke over the phone.

During his visit to India in April of last year, Israeli Minister of Economy Nir Barkat discussed employing Indians in a number of fields, including construction, with officials and his counterpart in Delhi. The idea of bringing in about 1,60,000 people had been discussed.

Approximately 18,000 Indians are employed in Israel, primarily in caregiving roles. Because “they felt quite secure” and “also because the salaries are quite attractive,” the majority of them chose to remain in Israel during the conflict.

During the visit of then-foreign minister Eli Cohen to Delhi in May of last year, Israel and India also signed an agreement allowing 42,000 Indians to work in the Jewish state in the fields of nursing and construction. At the time, this step was seen to be beneficial.

About 800 workers from India have also joined Israel’s agricultural industry in the past six months. According to the Government Press Office, “Pursuant to a directive from the prime minister, intensive staff work — led by Prime Minister’s Office Director General Yossi Shelly — was carried out in order to facilitate a large increase in the quantity of foreign workers in Israel, lower the cost of living and significantly reduce the bureaucracy and friction between it and the business sector while improving supervision and oversight of the employment of foreign workers and safeguarding of their rights.” After deliberations, Netanyahu directed that the government get a resolution on the matter the following week.

The extent of foreign labour in this decision will decide

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