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INS Anvesh (formerly known as the DRDO Technology Demonstration Vessel), is a missile range instrumentation ship built for the Indian Navy. Designed by the DRDO and built by Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), the ship was conceived to serve as a sea-based platform for India’s ballistic missile defence program. The ship was designed by Vik-Sandvik Design India Pvt Ltd reported Naval News.

In a secretive ceremony, India had commissioned INS Anvesh (A41) on March 11, 2022. The ship is designed to form the building blocks for future naval BMD capability and is primarily intended to take part in Phase-II BMD trials.

Roll damping tanks, a missile integration and checkout compartment, a data processing room, and a mission control centre are all included on the INS Anvesh to help with this. Four ship launch systems, a 15-ton crane, and an A-frame for cargo handling are located to the ship’s aft. Electro-Pneumatics & Hydraulics creates the ship launch systems. These are made to take the missile out of the checkout bay, hold it throughout transport, and lift it vertically for launch.

The AD-1 endo-atmospheric interceptor and the AD-2 exo-atmospheric interceptor are being developed as part of India’s BMD program’s Phase-II. The AD-1’s first flight test took place on November 2, 2022. This missile will also be tested and used from naval platforms as its development improves.

The missile monitoring and surveillance vessel INS Dhruv of the Indian Navy reportedly took part in the experiment as well.

INS Anvesh is equipped to test propulsion systems, radars, sonars, telemetry equipment, and BMD missiles in addition to BMD missiles. It is the first medium voltage Integrated Full Electric Propulsion (IFEP) vessel in the Indian Navy, featuring steerable contra-rotating propulsion thrusters powered by diesel generators producing a combined output of 14 MW.

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