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Catch a glimpse of Skyroot’s Vikram-S at the rocket integration facility at Sriharikota, as it gets ready for the momentous day. Weather seems great for the launch on 18 Nov 11:30 AM.

The Vikram-S rocket is powered by the Kalam-80 propulsion system that will ignite the three-stage rocket to an altitude of 120 kilometers above the surface of Earth. The mission will carry three payloads that will be deployed during the sub-orbital flight to demonstrate the capability of the rocket to take heavy payloads to space in the future.

The mission is aimed at setting the stage for the launch of the Vikram-S launch vehicle with customer payloads in 2023 and the company has said that they already have customers lined up for the mission in Q2-Q3 of 2023.

Skyroot has been developing three variants of the Vikram rocket. While the Vikram-S can carry 480 kilograms of payload to Low Earth Orbit, the Vikram-II is equipped to lift off with 595 kilograms of cargo. Meanwhile, Vikram-III can launch with an 815 kg to 500 km Low Inclination Orbit.

India recently opened its space sector for private companies and ISRO has been providing its facilities and expertise for the testing and development of engines, and rocket systems among others. ISRO chief S Somnath has said that the country needs new players in the space sector to make economically viable programs.

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