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According to a Navy representative in a statement to a parliamentary standing committee, China has increased from having 250 ships to over 350 in just over ten years; Islamabad’s marine force is anticipated to increase by 50% with Beijing’s assistance.

Gen. Anil Chauhan, Chief of Defence Staff and Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, stated in a submission to the Parliamentary standing committee on defence that while the goal is to have a 200-ship Navy, given the current trajectory it is likely to have 155-160 ships. The Indian Navy currently has a strength of about 130 ships and submarines.

At the same time, the Chinese Navy has expanded to become the greatest naval force in the world, with about 355 ships. The committee was informed about the potential threat from China and Pakistan working together, as well as the former’s part in the development of Pakistan’s navy.

“Around 131 ships make up the Indian Navy’s current strength… We intend to increase the Navy to about 200 ships. However, if things continue as they are, we’ll go to 155 to 160. They are incredibly few when measured in sheer numbers. As these problems rely on location, a few things must be kept in mind, according to Gen. Chauhan’s report.

Indian Navy Prepares To Strengthen Fleet With 24 Submarines

According to Gen. Chauhan, the Chinese Navy will have a strength of approximately 555 ships in four to five years, according to the standing committee report that was presented to Parliament at the recently ended session. In the report’s description of China and Pakistan, the names of both countries were not specifically specified and were left blank.

There are now 143 planes and 130 helicopters in the Indian Navy. In addition, 51 ships, six submarines, and 111 Naval Utility Helicopters will be built locally. 43 ships and submarines are now being built at various shipyards.

The committee stated, “However, there is a shortfall of planes and helicopters for reconnaissance and transport, which is being mitigated through progressive procurement,” noting that the number of assets required for various types of aircraft is calculated based on the Indian Navy’s envisaged tasks and missions, available surface assets, areas of interest, and other factors.

According to a fleet representative’s testimony to the committee, China’s fleet has increased from 250 to more than 350 ships in less than ten years, making it the largest in the world. Their operations have grown along with their manpower, and at any given time, five to nine of their ships are working in

The speaker also mentioned the potential for coordination between China and Pakistan against India and made reference to the Pakistani Navy’s growth. The Pakistani Navy is expected to grow by 50% between now and 2030, with China having the largest part in the growth. Therefore, the speaker continued, it is very essential that the Indian Navy increase its capability.

“Whether it be ships, submarines, or aircraft, a balanced built-up of the Navy is required to counter emerging threats, which can only be made possible by sustainably assured funding.”

According to the report, the committee wants to make clear that the Ministry should evaluate the danger perception, which has multiplied due to the presence of unfriendly neighbours and the expansion of trade in the Indian Ocean region.

In the Gulf of Aden, Chinese deployment in the IOR started in 2008 under the guise of anti-piracy operations. Since then, China has maintained a constant presence in the area, occasionally even deploying nuclear assault submarines (SSN). Since then, China has also built a military facility in Djibouti and a number of dual-use ports in the IOR, including ones in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

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