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According to the US National Security Advisor, cooperation in technology and other areas has elevated the relationship between the US and India to a new level.

NSA Jake Sullivan told reporters at a White House news conference, “The partnership between the US and India, a country in the BRICs, has gone to new heights with an engagement across technology and security and so many other dimensions.”

In light of Saudi Arabia’s consideration of joining BRICS and the entry of Iran, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Ethiopia into the group, Sullivan was answering questions over the waning influence of the United States in the world.

“I believe that the US feels really good about its position and role in its connections across the major regions of the world.

As you can see, we’ve expanded NATO to unprecedented proportions. This week, a historic trilateral meeting involving the US, Japan, and the Philippines took place. In an effort to counter the accusation, Sullivan said, “If you look across the Indo-Pacific at how we’ve upgraded our relations not just with traditional allies, but with the likes of Vietnam, Indonesia, and ASEAN as a whole.”

According to the NSA, the president will host the president of Kenya for a state visit here next month, marking “a historic moment.” “He’s had summits in the United States with all of the African leaders, all of the Pacific Island leaders, and the leaders of the United States has boosted its

According to Sullivan, China has been informed by the US of its worries on Russia’s industrial base’s inputs.

“We have not seen any evidence that they’ll provide direct military aid to Russia, but we have expressed our concerns about inputs to Russia’s defence industrial base, something Secretary Blinken spoke about I think quite effectively in Europe last week,” he stated.

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