A SRI LANKA fisherman with a heart condition is evacuated by the Indian Coast Guard.

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A Sri Lankan fisherman whose boat drifted into Indian waters owing to an engine failure was evacuated by the Indian Coast Guard on Friday after he suffered a potentially fatal cardiac condition.

The Sri Lankan fishing vessel, SLFV “Kalpeni,” was reported to be adrift at sea after an engine problem, according to a distress warning received by the Indian Coast Guard’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Chennai on April 1.

“MRCC Colombo hinted that the vessel, carrying six crew members, had sailed from Sri Lanka’s “Codbay” fishing dock on March 22, 2024. As of March 28, there had been no communication from the boat. According to MRCC Colombo, it is possible that the boat entered Indian seas because

Following receipt of this intelligence, the Indian Coast Guard asked neighbouring merchant vessels to keep an eye out for the Sri Lankan boat and redirected its ships to the likely region.

On April 2, the ICG ship C-449 saw the Sri Lankan boat around 40 nautical miles out of Puducherry Harbour. After thereafter, the ICG ship’s technical personnel entered the Sri Lankan boat and started working on the engine.

The ICG ship’s crew checked on the condition of the boat’s basic supplies, including food and water. The location of the fishing boat in Sri Lanka was reported to the authorities, who were asked to set up a tow to return it to the base port.

“The boat from Sri Lanka was

The patient was rescued within a few hours when the Indian Coast Guard sent its ship, the ICGS Rani Abakka, towards the boat right away.

The patient received rudimentary medical care once on board the ICG ship, then ICG launched an advanced light helicopter (ALH) DHRUV from the Chennai-based squadron.

The patient was successfully rescued by the ICG helicopter from the ICG ship, which was submerged in the ocean, and taken to the Coast Guard air station in Chennai. Following a preliminary medical assessment, the patient was admitted to a Chennai hospital.

In order to have the drifting Sri Lankan boat hauled back to the base port at, the Indian Coast Guard is still in constant contact with the Sri Lankan authorities.

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