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Some people on X (previously Twitter) were confused by a video showing a Boeing flying low above Bangalore, leading some to wonder if it was a part of a military exercise or pilot training.

A plane flying extremely low is circling Bangalore, close to the Indiranagar and Koramangala areas. This circles number six. quite close to the ground before taking off once more without making contact. Military drill?” Hemant Mohapatra, a native of Bangalore, shared a 12-second nighttime video on X on Wednesday night.

A few users reported that commercial pilots train on the airstrip of Bangalore’s former airport, which is located in the HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) area.

It was a VVIP aircraft, according to several users who looked up the flight information on the real-time flight tracking website Flightradar24.

How beautifully VVIP craft #K7067 made the DEL-BLR-DEL route yesterday without stopping at BLR. Any feedback from our specialists on aircraft “Retired scientist Mohan Krishnan wrote.

“Today, a Boeing 777-337ER (K7067) that is owned by the Indian government, one of the two 777s that is occasionally referred to as Air India One, was making circles around HAL. Anantha shared the flight path in a comment. “Looks like I caught sight of it just as it was returning to base in Delhi,” another user remarked.

At least three incidents of a loud, enigmatic sound occurring in different sections of Bangalore in recent years have raised questions over whether or not they were sonic booms. The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre acknowledged in November 2021 that locals had reported hearing a sound accompanied by slight tremors. The centre also stated that data from the seismic observatories had been reviewed for any seismic signatures during the same period and that no such signal had been found.

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