A UK House of Lords member requests the BBC to postpone airing the second part of the Modi documentary.

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Dolar Amarshi Popat, a member of the House of Lords, wrote a letter on Tuesday to Tim Davie, the director general of BBC Broadcasting House, requesting that he halt the airing of the second instalment of the documentary series in order to prevent aggravating the already tense situation between British Hindus and Muslims in many cities throughout the UK. He also advised BBC to check the facts and make sure the reporting is accurate.

Popat stated that he was “shocked by the documentary produced by the BBC implicating the Hon. Prime Minister of India in the Gujarat riots of 2002 which aired on January 17, 2023,” adding that the media organisation plays a crucial role in educating the UK population and is a dependable source of information throughout the world.

“The documentary was incredibly biassed and did not adequately capture the string of developments that have occurred since the riots. The Indian judiciary and parliament cleared Prime Minister Modi of his involvement, which contributed to his re-election as a respected leader “examine his letter.

“Since gaining its independence, India has made significant strides in the area of diversity and has enshrined the protection of all people under the law, regardless of their race, religion, or gender. It has challenges, which should be contested, not only because it is the largest democracy in the world but also because it is located in a region where many nations do not offer the same freedoms. Any challenge should, however, take into account both sides while also being cognizant of the difficulties that a condemnation of one side may bring, “It was ad.

Popat then instructed him to take care that this documentary didn’t tarnish that stellar reputation.

India condemned the contentious BBC documentary series on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday and referred to it as “propaganda piece” that aims to advance a discredited thesis.

. Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for the External Affairs Ministry, stated during a weekly media briefing that this documentary show, which was based on an internal UK report, exhibits a colonial mindset.

“This, in our opinion, is propaganda meant to advance a specific, debunked thesis. The bias, lack of objectivity, and frankly, continued colonial mindset are only now becoming apparent “In response to a query regarding the PM documentary series, Bagchi said.

During the Gujarat riots of 2002, the national broadcaster of the UK, BBC, aired a two-part series criticising PM Narendra Modi’s time in office as Gujarat’s chief minister. Following backlash, some platforms removed the documentary.

Leading British citizens of Indian descent criticised the series. Lord Rami Ranger, a prominent British citizen, claimed that the “BBC caused great harm to over a billion Indians.”

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