According to PM Modi, India and France have agreed to use UPI in France.

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According to PM Modi, Indian visitors to France will now be able to pay in rupees.

“Whether it’s UPI in India or other digital platforms, they have significantly altered the social landscape of the nation, and I’m pleased that France and India are also cooperating in this regard. France and India have decided to adopt UPI there. When we reach a consensus, I’ll depart. However, it is your responsibility to proceed. In a speech to the Indian community at La Seine Musicale in Paris, Modi said, “Friends, its commencement will be made from Eiffel Tower in the coming days. This means that Indian tourists will now be able to make payments in Rupees through UPI at Eiffel Tower.

India’s mobile-based payment system, known as Unified Payments Interface (UPI), enables users to send payments at any time using a virtual payment address they generate themselves.

An agreement enabling users in either nation to conduct cross-border transactions was inked earlier this year between UPI and Singapore’s ‘PayNow’.

The declaration is viewed as a significant advancement for India and France’s bilateral commerce and tourism.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Modi stated that France and India have been collaborating on archaeological missions for a while. He emphasised how the development of digital infrastructure improves bilateral relations.

“Very few people are aware that France and India have been collaborating on archaeological missions for a while. It now extends to Ladakh from Chandigarh. Another industry that improves relations between India and France is digital infrastructure, according to PM Modi.

PM Modi also discussed a research by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that showed India’s efforts benefit not only the nation but all of humanity.

According to an IMF research, India’s terrible poverty is about to come to an end. India’s excellent work benefits not only the nation but also all of humanity, according to Modi.

PM Modi also recalled how, one hundred years ago, Indian warriors gave their lives to defend France’s honour.

“A century ago, Indian soldiers gave their lives in the line of duty while protecting France’s national treasure on French soil. Then, one of the regiments that participated in the conflict here, the Punjab Regiment, would march in the National Day Parade tomorrow, he said.

Along with President Emmanuel Macron of France, PM Modi is at the French National Day Parade. It was a reflection, in his words, of the “unbreakable friendship between India and France.”

“I congratulate the French people. I appreciate the invitation from the French people. The French Prime Minister met me at the airport today, and tomorrow my buddy Emmanuel Macron and I will both be at the National Day parade. This is a reflection of India and France’s unshakable friendship, Modi remarked.

The PM also emphasised the people-to-people ties between France and India, calling them the “strongest foundation” of their cooperation.

The strongest foundation of the alliance between France and India, according to him, is the people-to-people connection and mutual trust between the two nations’ populations.

“India and France are addressing several 21st-century issues. Thus, at this crucial time, the strategic alliance between our countries has become even more important, he continued.

A formal greeting was given to the Prime Minister when he arrived in Paris on Thursday on a two-day official visit. Elisabeth Borne, the French prime minister, met him at the airport.

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