According to PM Modi, the foundation of India-France partnership is people-to-people connections.

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Speaking to the Indian community in this area, PM Modi noted that France and India are working together to address many of the challenges of the twenty-first century.

The strongest foundation of the alliance between France and India, according to him, is the people-to-people connection and mutual trust between the two nations’ populations.

“India and France are addressing several 21st-century issues. Thus, at this crucial time, the strategic alliance between our countries has become even more important, he continued.

He described his ties to France as “quite old” in the PM Modi statement.

“I’ve had a long-standing connection to France, and I’ll never forget it. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a French cultural facility was established almost 40 years ago, and the first employee of that centre is here speaking with you, the prime minister remarked.

The Prime Minister claimed that despite his several trips to France, this trip was unique in some way.

France’s national day is tomorrow. I’d want to congratulate the French people on this special day and express my gratitude for the invitation.

He discussed the parallels between the French national anthem and a mantra that has motivated India since the Vedic era.

With French President Emmanuel Macron, PM Modi attended the National Day Parade of France, which he described as a symbol of the “unbreakable friendship between India and France.”

“I congratulate the French people. I appreciate the invitation from the French people. The French Prime Minister met me at the airport today, and tomorrow my buddy Emmanuel Macron and I will both be at the National Day parade. The unshakable friendship between India and France is reflected in this, according to PM Modi.

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