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Washington: A White House official said on Tuesday that the United States hoped the G20 Summit, which was being hosted by India, would demonstrate that the world’s major economies can cooperate even in trying circumstances.

According to US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, “the President is dedicated to working with emerging market partners to deliver significant things together as he heads to the G20. We anticipate the world will witness that this weekend in New Delhi.

“The United States has remained committed to the G20, and we hope that this G20 Summit will demonstrate that the world’s major economies can cooperate even in trying times,” he continued.

Sullivan stated that the focus of the G20 Summit, which is set to take place in New Delhi on September 9 and 10, will be on delivering for developing nations, making progress on important issues for the American people, such as technology and climate change, and demonstrating the US’ commitment to the G20 as a forum that can actually deliver.

“And we hope we’ll be able to do all of those things thanks to the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and India’s presidency,” he continued.

The US is eager to welcome the African Union (AU) as the group’s newest permanent member, according to Sullivan, suggesting that the addition of the AU is likely to pass.

In addition, we are excited to officially welcome the African Union as the G20’s newest permanent member. The G20 will be stronger, in our opinion, because of the African Union’s voice, the White House representative stated.

He also discussed what the US will contribute to the conference this coming week.

“Back home, President Biden has worked to rebuild the American economy from the bottom up and the middle out, as you’ve all heard him say, by wisely investing in the sectors of the future while addressing climate change and empowering workers. And we think such investments are yielding results. We believe that other nations may profit from a similar strategy and that we can assist them by attracting investment to help them meet their issues, according to Sullin.

Delivering on an agenda of radically restructuring and scaling up the multilateral development banks, particularly the World Bank and the IMF, is one of our primary goals going into the G20, the NSA continued.

Sullivan stated that the US was strongly committed to the G20 as a venue to produce significant results in a period of historic global economic shocks in his opening remarks at the briefing.

Sullivan at the briefing also made it official that Biden will travel to India for the G20 summit.

“The President will go to New Delhi on Thursday to attend the G20 Summit in India. Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have a private meeting on Friday. Biden will take part in the G20 Summit’s main sessions on Saturday, according to Sullivan.

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