Activist AMJAD AYUB MIRZA claims that POK residents demand a merger with India.

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Amjad Ayub Mirza, a political activist from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), asserted that the people of PoK are clamouring to unite with India because they are tired of being under Pakistani rule.

“The people of PoK in the last few days have told me that they now demand to be merged into India, as they are officially their citizens,” the activist stated in a video that Mirza made public.

“Pakistan’s recent elections have left us with a fragmented mandate. The forthcoming elections would be beneficial for India, but we, the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, wonder how long it will take to end Pakistan’s oppression and become a part of India?” The PoK activist continued.

Mirza further emphasised the dominant

For many years, the people living in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have faced enormous difficulties. Most locals are still concerned about poverty, rising inflation, unemployment, and numerous other problems like inadequate infrastructure and load shedding.

For many years, the people in this area have been protesting against Islamabad for allegedly stealing their natural resources. They have also been protesting against the reduction of wheat subsidies and excessive utility bills.

PoK and Gilgit Baltistan residents are displeased with Jammu and Kashmir’s quick development, even though they have been having trouble maintaining its basic infrastructure.


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