After Pakistan raised Kashmir before the UN, India retracted, saying “FOCUS ON YOUR INTERNAL CHAOS.”

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Instead of bringing up the Kashmir issue and making baseless accusations against New Delhi, India has urged Pakistan to focus on resolving its domestic issues.

During the UN Security Council’s Open Debate on Famine and Conflict-Induced Global Food Insecurity, a Pakistani representative brought up the Kashmir problem.

R Madhu Sudan, a Counsellor in India’s UN Mission, said to the Security Council on Thursday: “To best utilise this council’s time, I suggest the concerned delegation concentrate on addressing their internal issues and restoring order within their own borders, rather than indulging in frivolous allegations against my country.”

During the Open Debate on Famine and Conflict-Induced Global Food Insecurity held by the UN Security Council, Madhu Sudan responded to the Kashmir problem brought up by a Pakistani representative.

In his remarks, he added, “Unfortunately, we saw one delegation misuse this forum yet again, to divert the attention of this council from the important topic of food security,” adding that one group routinely attempted to take advantage of numerous United Nations forums to push its agenda.

Madhu Sudan felt it unnecessary to continue arguments or disputes with those who use terrorism to promote their illegal objectives after stressing that India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are non-negotiable.

Instead of engaging in baseless accusations against my country, he asked Pakistan to solve domestic issues and restore order within its own borders.

Over a number of problems, notably Islamabad’s persistent support for transnational terrorism and the Kashmir issue, relations between India and Pakistan are tense.

Jammu & Kashmir, according to India, “was, is, and will” always be a part of the nation.

Since India changed Jammu and Kashmir’s special status in August 2019, tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi have been heated.

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