After US defence deals with India, Pakistan gives hints about countermeasures.

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According to official sources, the US was informed through diplomatic channels that transferring cutting-edge military equipment to India without considering Pakistan’s valid concerns would jeopardise the strategic balance and conventional balance in the South Asian region, as reported by The Express Tribune.

According to the sources acquainted with the development, Pakistan informed the US that India would feel empowered by the acquisition of the technologies, endangering the interests of the country’s national security.

According to The Express Tribune, Islamabad made it plain to Washington that Pakistan will have no choice but to take countermeasures if India and the US continue their harmful partnership.

For the nation’s indigenous light combat aircraft, General Electric and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, a state-owned company, will manufacture revolutionary fighter jet engines in India.

Additionally, the US consented to build a factory in India to create battle-proven armed drones. With a share of 65 percent only a few years ago, Russia continued to be India’s top arms supplier for decades.

This suggests that the US is not only willing to sell India guns but also isn’t against the concept of transferring technology, which has already alarmed Pakistan.

The Express Tribune claimed that although the US arms sale and technology transfer to India may be directed at China, the news will undoubtedly disturb the military balance in South Asia.

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