Lauding the Centre’s Agnipath military recruitment scheme, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari on Sunday said that the scheme complements the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) long-term vision for becoming a “lean and lethal” force with the best manpower. Speaking to PTI, the Air Chief Marshal also asserted that the new recruitment model will in no way reduce its operational capability but, will instead enhance the force.

Speaking on how the Indian Air Force will be benefited from the scheme, the IAF chief said that the Agnipath scheme furthers the force’s manpower optimisation drive, which has been going for a decade.

He also added that several human resource policies and organisational structures have been reviewed in the regard.

In addition to that, the scheme will also complement IAF’s “long-term vision of being a lean and lethal force with the best human resource as we strongly believe that the men and women behind the machine make all the difference when it matters”, he added.

Speaking about the applications received so far under the scheme, the Chief of Air Staff, Chaudhari informed that nearly 7,50,000 candidates have registered for around 3,000 positions in the IAF while 13 teams have been appointed to take care of enrolment, employment, assessment, and training of recruits during the four-year engagement period.

‘The human resources transformation caters to evolving technology’: IAF chief on recruitment under Agnipath scheme

The Air Chief Marshal also spoke on the transformation in human resources in view of the evolving technology and said that the basic requirements of an air warrior have witnessed a qualitative shift as he noted that “the youth today brings the different and much-required set of skills as well as adeptness with technology”.

Furthermore, asserting that the need for transformation in the human resources in the services has been widely deliberated and steps have been taken to gradually address the recommendations of the Kargil Review Committee, the IAF chief said,

“This human resources transformation caters to the requirements of the impact of changing technology, the complexity of machines, automation and optimisation of resources including manpower of the IAF.

He also described the Agnipath scheme as a major “human resources transformation” initiative for the armed forces.

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