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Iran launched a flurry of missiles at Israel on Saturday night. Ninety-nine percent of the Iranian airborne threats were successfully intercepted, according to the Israeli military. Anand Mahindra, an Indian businessman, praised Israel’s unbreakable defensive interception system. Mahindra stated that in addition to having offensive weapons, India should concentrate on developing this kind of defence system.

The Industrialist emphasised that Israel possesses more than just the Iron Dome in response to a tweet from a journalist who lauded the structure’s ability to stop Iranian drones and missiles.

“Iron Dome is not all they have. David’s Sling is their longer-range interception technology. They also have systems called Arrow 2 and 3. Under development

Iran launched missiles and suicide drone assaults against Israel, but the nation’s renowned Iron Dome and other defence systems have been intercepting and stopping the attacks.

Anand Mahindra stated on X that Israel possesses “more than the Iron Dome,” citing an article concerning the nation’s defence mechanisms.

“They use a longer-range intercepting device known as David’s Sling. In addition, he mentioned that “they also have Arrow 2 and 3 systems” and that a “Iron Beam, which will use lasers” is also in the works.

“Having a stockpile of offensive weaponry is not as important today as having unbreakable defence interception systems,” he stated.

He continued, “We in India need to increase our spending and focus in that area.”

Conversely, the Israeli military declared on Sunday that it

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