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According to officials, the recovery took occurred in Digboi town’s Central Mamarani neighbourhood in the Tinsukia district. The police reported that a potential attack had been successfully avoided as a result of the swift action. The explosives contained 33 detonators, a power pack, six batteries, and 8 kg of PEK. By moving swiftly in response to the intelligence, the united team was able to locate and recover the dangerous substances.

As a result of the operation, those who were believed to have connections to the defunct United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) were detained.

The people that were taken into custody were Tutu Bora, Sashankar Rajkhowa, and Juman Bora.

The three was extensively questioned before the arrests were made. According to a senior police officer, Tutu Bora admitted following questioning that the explosive material had been hidden nearby Hemanta Bora’s residence.

The property of Hemanta Bora was searched by a joint police, CRPF, and Indian Army team, and a significant amount of explosive material was discovered there. Hemanta Bora, who is evading capture, has been the target of police efforts, according to sources. Juman Bora was brought to the Digboi police station for a drawn-out interrogation while the officers worked feverishly to gather crucial evidence pertinent to the case.

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