At the BRICS NSA Summit, NSA AJit Doval and Senior Chinese Diplomat Wang Yi met.

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At the BRICS NSA conference in Johannesburg, the former Chinese foreign minister who represented China claimed that China and India are “two major forces in the process of multi-polarization.”

India has emphasised numerous times that China must stop attempting to change the status quo in the border regions before relations between the two countries can return to normal.

Doval explained that for New Delhi and Beijing to collaborate effectively and positively contribute to upholding international peace and prosperity, they must have mutual respect and understanding for one another.

According to Doval, both countries have a wide range of shared interests and hold similar views on the direction of humanity and the planet.

Doval emphasised the importance of comprehending the seriousness of cybersecurity concerns posed by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and other technical breakthroughs like Big Data and the Internet of Things during the conference in Johannesburg, which was presided over by South African minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni.

According to those familiar with the situation, the NSA also highlighted the connections between cybercriminals and terrorists, pointing out how both groups used the internet for recruitment, secured communications, radicalization, finance, and money laundering.

Because they are tech proficient and have malleable minds, younger populations are more vulnerable to the dissemination of extremist ideology through the use of social media sites, according to Doval.

“Resource shortages needed to be overcome, especially in the Global South. India will always be at the forefront of this effort, closely collaborating with the Global South, he continued.

On the sidelines of the NSA meeting and the Friends of BRICS summit, Doval also had meetings with his other colleagues. The meeting was attended by the BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa, Iran, Burundi, Egypt, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, and Belarus.

The BRICS organisation is currently being led by South Africa. The BRICS leadership conference will take place in Johannesburg on August 23 and 24.


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