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Indian-origin businesses, many of which, like Brahmos Aerospace, are from India, are optimistic about their chances of doing business during the five-day Singapore Air Show, which got underway on Tuesday.

The Singapore Air Show is making a big comeback, returning to a full-scale version from February 20–25, with over 1,000 participating firms from over 50 nations and various areas.

Heavyweight Indian company BrahMos Aerospace is in negotiations to provide its supersonic missiles—which are known across the world for their high success rate—to a number of nations in Southeast Asia.

According to BrahMos’ Director of Market Promotion and Exports Praveen Pathak, “we are discussing the supply of BrahMos missiles, and are hopeful that our participation in the Singapore Air Show would lead to more fruitful opportunities,” PTI was informed on Tuesday.

Anticipating further

At the Singapore Air Show, he stated that KeepFlying® is allowing a new era of the Aviation Digital FinTwin® (Financial Twin) with its data-to-dollar platform driven by the Aviation Language Model, which would assist Airlines, Lessors, and MROs save on these additional expenses.

“By the end of this year, our Indian business is expected to grow by a good thirty percent,” stated Tarun Mathur, Senior Sales Manager for India at Topcast, a global provider of aviation industry components, services, and solutions with its headquarters located in Hong Kong.

Speaking at the Air Show, Mathur stated that Topcast’s Indian business saw growth in 2023 of 5.5% year over year, and that the company’s prospects looked promising.

Topcast’s business in India is derived from original equipment manufacturers and civil aviation, including Tata Advanced, Wipro, and HAL.

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