Australian law forbids violence, according to the minister responsible for vandalism at Hindu temples.

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New Delhi: Australia has zero tolerance for acts of violence, including the destruction of Hindu temples and some Khalistani activities, according to Michael Sukkar, minister of housing as well as the ministry responsible for homelessness, social housing, and community housing.

When asked about the vandalism of Hindu temples in Australia in an interview with ANI, Sukkar responded, “Well, I can completely understand the concern that many in India have. We have a zero-tolerance approach to those sorts of issues being brought to Australia, particularly in the coalition opposition parties. To put it bluntly, we believe that no immigrant to Australia should carry any animosities with them.

And in any case, we don’t tolerate acting in such a violent manner. We in no way, shape, or form endorse that kind of violent behaviour,” he continued, adding that he understands why the five men have been charged in connection with those actions.

Additionally, he discussed the relationship between Australia and India, saying that it is “very crucial.”

There is a sizable Indian diaspora in Australia, and they have fantastic people-to-people connections with India. Australia and India still have a long way to go to develop economic connections in light of the FTA.

Sukkar remarked, “Well, it’s quite exciting that your Prime Minister is planning on going to Australia for the quad summit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to come there for the QUAD summit. We believe it to be of utmost significance for our area. Four democracies coming together to form the QUAD, which has a lot more influence than many of us could have expected, since the Asia Pacific region is so crucial to the future of wealth and peace in the globe, I think is a fantastic thing.

And we want to welcome your Prime Minister to Australia in the same manner that all Australians are warmly welcomed when we visit India,

Sukkar stated that QUAD is crucial in an interview with ANI. “We believe that the closer we are able to work together as a group of like-minded nations, the greater our chances are of ensuring peace in our region. We must all acknowledge that powerful countries like India, which are also powerful and have influence, naturally want that impact to be felt in their near neighbourhood. And we believe you can do it in a healthy manner, exactly like the Native Americans. And we’re hoping the quad can support that,” the speaker stated.

The Australian minister expressed excitement about India’s presidency of the G20 when asked about expectations. He sensed

“I think the pandemic showed us that we live in a very connected world when we collaborate globally, whether it be on the delivery of vaccines or on humanitarian relief,” said the author. And even though Australia is an island, our country unquestionably gains from that work as a whole. And we believe that India’s G20 chairmanship will significantly advance that goal. We are extremely hopeful that this would continue since India has, in my opinion, long infused that throughout its thinking.

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