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Amid tensions with Pakistan, Indian Air Force has resorted to a new and unique form of camouflage at its Jodhpur Air Force Base in the Rajasthan sector reported Eursiantimes.

The Jodhpur air base, which is close to the contentious and unstable border with Pakistan, is being protected by India employing a novel method of camouflage, according to a new series of satellite pictures that have appeared on social media through open source intelligence (OSINT).

About 220 kilometres separate the Jodhpur AFB from the LoC.

The Jodhpur Air Base’s aircraft hangars, parking lots, taxiways, and runways have all been vandalised, according to satellite images. The graffiti painting shows many things in different sizes and forms.

This, according to military observers, was done “to confound enemy optics and pilots.”

It is well known that homing missiles with visual enemy target recognition are becoming more prevalent all over the world. These missiles effectively contain a computer with the visual features and signatures of several pieces of opposing equipment. An attack command is automatically started once a target has been located.

The parking and taxiing spaces, runways, and aircraft hangars were all visible in the satellite picture. According to satellite imagery, graffiti has been painted on the runways, taxiways, parking areas, and aeroplane hangars at the Jodhpur Air Base. The graffiti painting depicts items of all different shapes and sizes.

Military analysts claim that this was done “to confuse enemy sights and pilots.”

It is well knowledge that homing missiles with visual identification of hostile targets are widely used nowadays. The visual characteristics and visual signatures of various opposing weapons and equipment are stored on a computer that these missiles effectively have. As soon as a target is located, an attack command is automatically launched. the Jodhpur Air Base has painted its ays with

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