Canadian intelligence agency alleges that China meddled in the last two elections, which Trudeau won.

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According to CBC News, Canada’s spy service asserted that the Chinese government “clandestinely and deceptively” meddled in the 2019 and 2021 elections, which the nation’s current leader, Justin Trudeau, won.

A top-secret briefing note examined at the Foreign Interference Commission states that the Prime Minister’s Office was notified about this by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in February 2023.

“We are aware that the PRC interfered both covertly and deceitfully in the general elections of 2019 and 2021. The document headed ‘Assertions in Media Reporting’ stated that in both instances, the foreign influence “was] pragmatic in nature and primarily focused on supporting those viewed to be either ‘pro-PRC’ or ‘neutral’ on issues of interest to the PRC government.”

According to the document, there were several political parties involved, and the Chinese government was accused of ‘foreign influence’ involving at least 11 candidates and 13 staff people.

Concurrently, four candidates from the Conservative Party of Canada and seven Liberals were mentioned in another CSIS dossier that was submitted earlier in the investigation.

Additionally, we noticed media and internet campaigns to dissuade Canadians—especially those of Chinese descent—from endorsing the Conservative Party, leader

“The timing of these efforts to align with Conservative polling improvements; the similarities in language with articles published by PRC state media; and the partnership agreements between these Canada-based outlets and PRC entities all suggest that these efforts were orchestrated or directed by the PRC,” it stated.

However, according to the briefing note, the task force tasked with monitoring foreign intervention came to the conclusion that these measures had no impact on the outcome of the election.

O’Toole and Chiu, who testified that their worries about foreign intervention were dismissed when they voiced them with Canadian officials, have previously been heard in the public inquiry investigating foreign interference, according to CBC News.

Further testimony was received even after the Conservative Party raised potential examples of foreign meddling.

O’Toole told the commission last week that he believed Chinese meddling could have lost his party as many as nine seats.

The briefing paper states that CSIS briefed cabinet ministers and other senior officials on foreign influence 34 times, including involvement in the 2019 and 2021 elections.

The briefing note to the PMO stated that “these threats will persist until (foreign interference) is viewed as an existential threat to Canadian democracy and governments forcefully and actively respond,” as reported by CBC News.

A ‘Spamouflage’ operation purportedly connected to China targeted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a number of other Members of Parliament in October of last year.

A bot network posts hundreds of deceptive comments on their social media profiles as part of this operation. Still,

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) released a statement claiming that the campaign was discovered by the federal government’s “Rapid Response Mechanism” (RRM) and that it was linked to the People’s Republic of China.

Early in August 2023, the campaign got underway, and over the long weekend in September, it ‘increased in size’. It posted remarks on Facebook and ‘X’ accounts in both English and French, targeting MPs from all over the nation and political spectrum.

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