CBI and Brazilian Federal Police Directors Reaffirm Their Commitment to Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation in Fighting Crime

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On Wednesday, a high-level team visited the CBI Headquarters in Delhi, led by Valdecy Urquiza, the Director of the Brazilian Federal Police. Urquiza had conversations with senior CBI officers including Director Praveen Sood.

According to a news release from the CBI, the two parties discussed a variety of illegal activity and shared views during the discussion. The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening their mutual assistance programme, boosting collaboration through INTERPOL channels, exchanging best practices, criminal intelligence, and fighting crime together.

The CBI stated in a press release that “a wide range of criminal activities were addressed during the meeting through an exchange of insights.” The two sides reiterated their dedication to strengthening their mutual cooperation in preventing crime, exchanging criminal intelligence, exchanging best practices, and offering reciprocal

In addition, Valdecy Urquiza serves as the Interpol Executive Committee’s Vice President (Americas). According to a CBI press release, the visit is a major step in enhancing international cooperation between Brazil and India in the fight against transnational crime.

Valdecy Urquiza complimented the CBI for its collaborative spirit and reaffirmed its commitment to improving collaboration during his discussions with senior officials of the agency. According to a CBI press statement, Praveen Sood greeted Valdecy Urquiza and expressed gratitude for his visitation.

In order to strengthen their cooperation, the CBI and the Brazilian Federal Police decided to look forward to their next exchanges and joint projects.

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