Srinagar: National Conference President and MP Dr Farooq Abdullah on Monday said that the policies of the center with regards to Jammu and Kashmir and its people need a radical change.

The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said everyday a new diktat surfaces undermining people’s constitutionally guaranteed rights, and the very fundamental pillars of democracy,” he said while addressing party functionaries, and workers at Wagoora.

He said that the entire region was at a very crucial stage in the history. “What is at stake is the very future of our children, our identity, and our historical uniqueness. Forces which are inimical to our unique identity have brazenly mounted an continuing attack, both implicitly as well as explicitly on our identity”, he added.

He said “this in turn requires a strong National Conference cadre to remain vigilant and active on ground. We have to put up a strong and joint front against the vicious authoritarian onslaught on our educated youth’s employment rights, our land rights, historicity of our culture and uniqueness of our thousands of years old identity,” he said.

Farooq said that people’s lives in rural Kashmir have never been so worse. “Earnings of our people in villages have drastically declined in an unprecedented manner. Crushing farm incomes, soaring rural unemployment, widespread development deficit, and pervasive administrative inertia have affected rural brothers all at the same time,” he stated.

Calling for a united struggle for the restoration of abridged rights of J&K, Farooq said, “Our United struggle will define the future of youth. It is only NC that can change the policy direction towards a radical people oriented one. There is no greater calling than serving our people, we will do it with renewed passion and strength”, he added.

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