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A crucial manoeuvre to launch the Chandrayaan spacecraft towards the Moon from Earth’s orbit was successfully completed earlier today.

In doing so, the spacecraft entered the Moon’s sphere of influence and was placed in a translunar orbit. Another important move will insert the spacecraft into the Moon’s orbit in around four days.

According to ISRO, the move will be carried out when Chandrayaan-3 is at its perilune, or closest point to the Moon.

The Lunar-Orbit Insertion (LOI), when it approaches the moon, is scheduled for August 5, 2023, according to ISRO, who also stated that “a crucial manoeuvre at Perilune would achieve the LOI.”

The success of the slingshot operation carried out by researchers from this space centre earlier in the day, when the spacecraft was closest to Earth (perigee), was announced by ISRO.

The ISTRAC (ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network) perigee-firing was successful. The spacecraft has been sent into a translunar orbit by ISRO, the statement stated.

Chandrayaan-3 was monitored throughout the day, and ISRO reported that “today’s perigee burn has successfully raised Chandrayaan-3 orbit to 288 km x 369328 km”.

ISRO continued, “The health of the spacecraft is normal.”

According to an ISRO official who spoke to PTI, the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft left the Earth’s orbit after the trans-lunar injection and is now travelling towards the moon.

The national space agency announced that Chandrayaan-3 had finished its loops of the Earth and was now travelling towards the moon.

On August 23, ISRO said it would attempt a gentle landing on the lunar surface.

The orbit of the spacecraft was gradually raised by five times following the July 14 launch of the Chandrayaan-3 mission to the Moon.

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