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The head of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), S Somnath, announced that work is now underway on the upcoming Chandrayaan programme, which would advance lunar exploration in the nation.

He said that the first step towards India’s objective of sending an astronaut to the moon in 2040 is the completion of Chandrayaan-4.

“Chandrayaan-4 is a concept that we are now developing as a continuation of the Chandrayaan series,” Somnath said at a press conference. “Our honourable Prime Minister has announced that an Indian will land on the moon in 2040.” Therefore, if that is necessary, we must engage in ongoing lunar exploration of all kinds.”

“The first step towards sending a probe to the moon to gather samples and return them to Earth is Chandrayaan-4.

Somnath went on to say that ISRO is working on numerous other projects, such as technology development initiatives and projects involving rockets and satellites.

“There are plenty. Our portfolio includes large-scale initiatives like rocketry, satellites, applications, and technological development projects. There are roughly 5–10 rocket programmes, 30–40 satellite projects, 100s of application projects, and 1000s of R&D projects, he continued.

When the Chandrayaan-3 lander module touched down on the moon’s South Pole on August 23, India became the first nation to accomplish the historic achievement, marking a huge stride forward.

India launched the Aditya-L1 spacecraft in January into the Halo orbit, marking the country’s first dedicated solar mission.

An additional significant Indian mission that aims to demonstrate

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