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Beijing: According to Asian Lite International, China is “weaponizing” embedded microchips in smart bulbs, refrigerators, cars, and credit cards to spy on you.

Four specific areas—national security, economic prosperity, privacy, and values and human rights—are under threat.

Three Chinese firms, Quectel, Fibocom, and China Mobile, already control 54% of the global device market and 75% of the connectivity market. Customers of the three Chinese companies include Tesla Motors, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Intel, as well as Sumup, a company that processes credit card payments.

The Chinese Communist Party can access as many devices as they desire because, like all Chinese companies, they are required to provide data to the government upon request.

According to Asian Lite International, devices with modules include laptop computers, voice-activated smart speakers, smart watches, smart energy metres, refrigerators, light bulbs, and other appliances that can be controlled via an app. They also include body-worn police cameras, doorbell cameras, and security cameras, as well as bank card payment terminals, cars, and even hot tubs.

China can track the movements of intelligence targets, such as people, weapons, and supplies, and use the devices for industrial espionage thanks to the modules’ data collection and transmission via 5G networks. In the UK, millions of them are already in use.

A report by Charles Parton, a former diplomat who advised parliament on Beijing, claims that “trojan horse” technology poses a “widespread” threat to Britain’s national security.

Parton worked in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for 22 years of his diplomatic career. He has provided China-related advice to the Foreign Office, the European Union, and the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

Senior MPs have expressed concerns about the “widespread presence” of cellular IoT modules, according to the report, which claims that ministers have completely failed to comprehend the threat they pose.

It urges ministers to act right away to prevent the sale of Chinese-made cellular IoT in the UK before it’s too late.

Charles Parton stated, “We are not yet aware of the threat. China has recognised a chance to control this market, and if it does, it will be able to collect a lot of data and compel other nations to depend on them.

Dependency is hazardous when it is under the control of the CCP, a potential or real hostile power, Preston continued.

According to a report released on Monday by the Washington-based consultancy OODA, the government has decided to forbid Huawei products from being used in mobile infrastructure because the potential threat to national security is greater than that posed by Chinese-made components in mobile phone masts.

Internet of Things, or cellular IoTs, are tiny modules that are used in everything from smart refrigerators to cutting-edge weapon systems to track usage and transmit data back to the owner and frequently the manufacturer using 5G.

The potential for espionage is enormous. The report recommends monitoring US arms sales activities, according to Asian Lite International, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning to process enormous amounts of data.

In order to track visiting ministers during advance security sweeps, it can also be used to identify and address royal and diplomatic security personnel.

Even seemingly innocent uses of the equipment, like agricultural machinery, can help the Chinese identify weak points in Western supply chains, like poor crop harvests, and then undercut British suppliers. gaining market share, increasing reliance on Chinese exports in the West.

The West would become totally dependent on China for the supply of the crucial component if China were allowed to establish a monopoly on the manufacture of the equipment, which is subsidised by the Chinese government to make them less expensive than Western competitors, according to Asian Lite International.

According to the OODA report, government assets should be thoroughly audited to determine which equipment needs to be replaced and that work be delegated to companies working in sensitive industries like defence by the end of 2025.

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