Congress President Karge is being criticised by Home Minister Amit Shah for his remarks regarding Kashmir.

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Amit Shah, India’s Home Minister, criticised Congress on Saturday, April 6, over President Mallikarjun Kharge’s comments made on Kashmir during a rally.

Shah claimed that the former party’s “Italian culture” was impeding its comprehension of India.

The Union Home Minister posted on his official X feed, saying that the Congress party’s question to the public, “Kashmir se kya waasta hai?” was deeply dishonourable. (What is Kashmir’s problem?)

“I want to remind the Congress party that J&K is an essential component of India and that every state and citizen has the same rights over J&K as J&K residents have over the rest of the country. The Congress is unaware of how many courageous

But the Congress leaders are not only to blame. The Congress party’s Italian culture is primarily to blame for their ignorance of India as a concept. Every patriotic person who values the country’s integrity and togetherness is harmed by such remarks. People will undoubtedly respond to Congress, he stated on X.

For the kind information of the Congress, the Modi government repealed Article 370 rather than Article 371. But such heinous errors are just to be expected from Congress. Such mistakes caused by it have plagued our country for many years,” Shah continued.

PM Modi Crises Congress’s Platform

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised the Congress party and its platform, branding it a “bundle of lies” in a stinging attack.

Additionally, he claimed that the document “smells of breaking India into pieces” on every page.

“The Congress Party unveiled its manifesto, a collection of falsehoods, yesterday. This book smells like it will tear India to pieces on every page. The Congress manifesto echoes the same ideas that the Muslim League had at the country’s independence. “Congress seeks to impose the beliefs of the Muslim League of that era on India in the present,” Prime Minister Modi declared during a rally in Ajmer, Rajasthan.

The Prime Minister of India asserted that the Congress of today is “bereft of principles and policies”.

“Today’s Congress lacks both ideals and policies. Congress no longer has any ideals or policies. The party had clearly outsourced every aspect of it,” he continued.

“The Congress platform echoes the same ideas that the Muslim League held throughout the independence movement. The Muslim League and the small remaining parties are fully reflected in the Congress manifesto,” he declared.

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