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Mallikarjun Kharge stated on his Twitter account that relations between India and Denmark are “warm, cordial, and friendly.” He wrote on Twitter: “Political, economic, academic, and research synergies underpin the warm, cordial, and friendly bilateral relations between India and Denmark. This evening, I had a meeting with H.E. Mr. Freddy Svane, the Ambassador at the Royal Danish Embassy in India at 10 Rajaji Marg, and we had a discussion about our special “Green Strategic Partnership” between the two nations.

Martin Strandgaard, the deputy chief of mission for Denmark in India, referred to the Green Strategic Partnership as a “model agreement” and the first of its type for both countries earlier this month.

He remarked, “I think it’s crucial that we come together,” in a statement to ANI. The first of its kind for both India and Denmark, this agreement serves as a model for further agreements. The goals of the Green Strategic Partnership are to strengthen economic relations, promote green growth, and work together to address major global issues like climate change.

“What we do is we offer our solutions, our technology,” he continued. The Indian government is following certain policies in India, where it already has embassies. To support one another in achieving the goals that each nation has set for itself, the nations must work together. True international cooperation is what it’s all about.

The Joint S&T Committee meeting in 2022 resulted in an agreement between India and Denmark to start collaborative research and development on green fuels, including green hydrogen, according to a news release from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

According to Martin Strandgaard, India and Denmark have made significant progress in the renewable energy field and will continue to work together to offer clean water and clean up rivers.

When asked what potential for increased collaboration between India and Denmark, “In the domain of renewable energy, we have made great progress. This will also apply to the provision of clean water, water purification, and river cleaning. However, we are also active in many other sectors where sustainability is crucial. Thus, it is a very extensive cooperation. However, everything we do is environmentally friendly, and it all revolves around promoting the choices taken and the changes desired in India.


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