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New Delhi: Denmark’s ambassador to India, Freddy Svane, exuded confidence in New Delhi as the “leader of the Global South” and stated that the world needs a nation like India, which upholds democracy and the rule of law, as an alternative to those who “debt-trap” the developing nations.

Svane referred to India as the “leader of the Global South” and expressed confidence in New Delhi’s ability to forge relationships with other Western nations on behalf of the Global South.

“Since India is holding the presidency, I have every confidence that it will lead the Global South and create a link between the West, including the US, Europe, and other countries, as well as Japan and the Global South. primarily in Latin America, but also in Africa,” he noted.

He described the G20 Summit as India’s best opportunity to shape the course of the coming global order.

Svane told ANI that “India has invested a lot of money to ensure that this summit would be the largest, greenest, and most successful G20 summit ever. And the G20 is more important than we might realise since it will determine how we respond to the difficulties of climate change, food scarcity, and other issues that are putting the globe in a serious crisis.

The Danish envoy said that the world needed a democracy-believing nation as a counterbalance to “other powers who are debt-trapping poor countries” in an apparent reference to China.

“My position is crystal obvious. We require an alternative to those powers that are enslaving developing nations with debt. India is a potential option to a better future where we collaborate with nations so that we are not imprisoned by debt but they are given new chances. India is a country that believes in democracy and the rule of law. India is fortunately taking the lead. Under Indian leadership, the summit will be wonderful, he said.

Svane added that the G20 Summit is India’s best opportunity to determine the course of the future international system, and everyone is optimistic that India’s presidency will make it easier to address the world’s problems.

“This is the greatest challenge the world has ever faced. However, India has the greatest opportunity to shape the next global order, and that is exactly what it will accomplish. We have great faith that India will maintain the compass and make sure that the needle is pointing at the global agenda, enabling us to handle all of the difficulties we are currently experiencing, including the climate, food, fuel, and fertiliser shortages. How do we handle the environment, finances, and digitization?” asked the Danish representative.

The global leaders summit is taking place here in India in Delhi, so it is crucial that they agree to a sort of common agenda based on a common view of all these difficulties that we are experiencing, he continued. “So great hopes as to the Indian presidency…it is so important that they agree to a kind of common agenda.” I am hurting, and so are you. We can live with that, but we must take action on behalf of everyone worldwide who lives in abject poverty.

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