Don’t expect Russia to change its stance on the Ukraine War this year, according to the White House

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Washington: The United States stated on Tuesday that achieving “absolute consensus on a statement on Ukraine” would be difficult at the G20 Summit and that it anticipates that Russia’s stance on the Ukraine war will not alter.

In response to a question concerning India’s stance on the conflict in the Ukraine, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan remembered the G20 Summit that took place in Indonesia in November of last year and stated that India had ratified the Bali Communiqué, which denounced the conflict.

“India signed on to the statement, as did the majority of the members, in my memory. Russia was the main G20 member who opposed the proposal that so many other members had endorsed, according to Sullivan.

“Don’t anticipate that Russia will change its mind about the war in Ukraine this year. Therefore, achieving complete agreement on a position on Ukraine is difficult since Russia has a seat at the table and will be at the leader level because Putin must be present. However, given that the majority of the 20 as well as the majority of the UN General Assembly members continue to support Russia and your people,

As things stand, the UN Charter must be respected for the terms of the end of the war. That is the outcome of months of difficult diplomacy by connected States and our partners, and it continues to reflect how the world feels about this problem, he continued.

Sullivan was questioned during the briefing on the human rights situation in India and whether it will come up during talks with US President Joe Biden. In response to that query, Sullivan cited previous remarks made by the President on the subject, including those made during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most recent state visit to the US.

“President Biden himself has spoken to questions related to democracy and human rights as recently as the state visit earlier this year in the US. Our position on the issue is clear and is reflected in the statements of our Prez it is of course reflected in the reports that you are referring to,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan stated that the US was strongly committed to the G20 as a venue to produce significant results in a period of historic global economic shocks in his opening remarks at the briefing.

Sullivan at the briefing also made it official that Biden will travel to India for the G20 summit.

“The President will go to New Delhi on Thursday to attend the G20 Summit in India. Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have a private meeting on Friday. Biden will take part in the G20 Summit’s main sessions on Saturday, according to Sullivan.

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