During a massive international exercise in Egypt, Indian troops display their mettle.

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While taking part in the ongoing Exercise Bright Star in Egypt, Indian Army soldiers continue to impart their knowledge and skills to the other contingents.

The biennial tri-service exercise, one of the biggest in the Middle East and North Africa region, is being participated in for the first time by the Indian Armed Forces.

The Exercise in Egypt, in which 34 nations from across the world are taking part, aims to confront modern threats and improve interoperability among participating countries.

An IL-78 AAR aircraft from the Indian Air Force refuelled an Egyptian Air Force aircraft on Sunday, in yet another sign of the two countries’ deep affinity.

On August 29, a force of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force (IAF) comprising integrated combat soldiers landed in Alexandria for the exercise, whose opening ceremony was place on August 31.

One of the greatest Indian deployments for an overseas exercise is the 550-person total contingent from India.

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