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Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEWCS) from DRDO is installed in Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft.

With India expecting to invest $130 billion on defence modernization, Brazilian defence company Embraer intends to expand local collaborations.

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“Besides improving the country’s domestic production, Embraer can also help India become a vital supplier in the global supply chain through its extensive offerings in aerospace units,” said Caetano Neto, a top Embraer executive, in response to Mint’s inquiries. The goal, according to Neto, was to strengthen India’s local capabilities while also assisting it in becoming a global defence exporter.

Embraer, founded in 1969 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the third largest civil aircraft manufacturer after Boeing and Airbus. The company has also established a position in the defence aviation industry, selling to NATO nations like as Portugal, Hungary, and the Netherlands, among others.

India has already placed certain defence deals with Embraer. The company’s Legacy 600 jets are utilised by the Border Security Force and the Indian Air Force for transporting top government officials and VIPs. Furthermore, the Brazilian company helped to create the IAF’s AWACS (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) airborne radar system. The business is also in talks to sell the C-390 military transport aircraft to the IAF, specifically for use in India’s northern areas.

Caetano Neto also discussed Embraer’s long-term goals. First, the company aims to sell its multi-role light attack aircraft, the A-29 Super Tuscano, to India. to, if you will, of the tenacity of the affluent communities living in the United States and Canada. The affluent are the people who live in the United States and live

“India is a significant market for us, and we are eager to forge local relationships in the nation that will further strengthen India’s defence sectors and capabilities,” Neto said in answer to a question about Embraer’s willingness to transfer technology to Indian partners.

He went on to say that Embraer was “in talks with numerous Indian industries for future partnerships not just for requirements from Indian forces but also to meet global requirements.”

“We regard India as a viable business partner, not a customer,” he continued.

India and Brazil’s defence connection has increased dramatically in recent years. Mint previously reported on Taurus Armas’ plans to establish a manufacturing facility in India in collaboration with Jindal Defence.

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