“ERIC GARCETTI: Biden was right when he said that the US-Indian partnership is the most consequential in the world.”

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US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, emphasised US President Joe Biden’s statement about the importance of the US-India partnership, saying that the two nations’ relationship matters to the world at large, not just to Washington and New Delhi.

According to the US envoy, both India and the US are fighting for democracy both at home and abroad.

In an interview with ANI, Biden stated that the US-India cooperation is the most significant in the world. When questioned about this, Garcetti responded, “He has said that privately. I heard him tell me that. When he asked me to become ambassador, he said, “Eric, you know, this is the most important country in the world to me.” I adore Joe Biden now. For a long, long time, we are close, good friends.

“It is a fact that Indians adore Americans. In actuality, Americans adore Native Americans. There has never been a stronger bridge. There has never been a greater significance for the work we undertake. Furthermore, it has implications for more than simply the US and India. It has global implications.”

He emphasised that both countries have the right to defend democracy both at home and abroad and that the conflict is not between the US and India but rather between radical ideology and despotism. Garcetti referred to India as the world’s most exciting place to be and said it was a privilege to be in the country.

“The big fight isn’t between each other and these little differences we sometimes have,” stated Garcetti. The main struggle is between despotism and radical ideology. Indeed, we constantly have to battle to defend our two democracies on the home front and, ideally, the concept of democracy on a global scale. However, is there a nation you would choose to live in instead of India? Is there another kind of relationship that you would prefer be in, as an American? Of course not. The junction between America and the United States is the most fascinating place to be in the world right now. I also adore Indians. I adore India. And being here has been the greatest honour of my life.”

August 1st, Garcetti stated that US President Joe

“This is the most important country in the world to me,” President Biden told me when he invited me to come here to serve, according to US envoy Garcetti. This is, I believe, something that no American president has ever stated in the history of our two countries.Six percent of American taxpayers are Indian Americans.

“We used to say the sky is the limit, but now that we’re working together in space, not even the sky is the limit,” he said, referring to everything from technology to trade to the environment to women’s empowerment to small companies to space. The US and India are two great forces that may advance this earth, from the ocean floor to the sky.”

Prior to this

“The friendship between the United States and India is among the most consequential in the world,” stated Biden in a post on X. And it’s more vibrant, closer, and stronger than before.”

In response to Biden’s post on X, Prime Minister Modi stated that US-Indian relationship is a force for good in the world.

In response to X, PM Modi said, “@POTUS @JoeBiden, I completely agree with you! Our nations’ friendship is a force for good in the world. It will improve and increase the sustainability of the earth. The territory I recently visited will further solidify our relationship.”

In June 2023, Prime Minister Modi made his first state visit to the US. When the Prime Minister was in the United States, he went to a number of events and met

He was invited to the White House for a state dinner by US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, as well as a state luncheon by US Vice President Kamala Harris and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. PM Modi also spoke with members of the Indian diaspora in Washington, DC, at the Ronald Reagan Building.

US President Joe Biden travelled to New Delhi in September of last year to attend the G20 Leaders’

peak. Biden and PM Modi met bilaterally while he was in town.

In order to speed up funding for top-notch infrastructure projects and the creation of economic corridors via the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGI) and the India Middle East Europe Economic Connectivity Corridor, the two leaders co-hosted a group of G20 leaders.

Eric Garcetti stated on January 30 that there is a multiplicative nature to the relationship between the two countries. According to him, the world gains a great deal from the connection between the US and India.

“This is not India plus the US, as I have been emphasising to people lately, and what this US-India partnership is about. At a gathering in this city of Delhi, Garcetti stated, “It is not an addition, an additive relationship.”

He said, “It’s multiplication, a multiplicative relationship that, when we come together, is more powerful than just the two elements for ourselves and just as important for our world.”The American envoy continued, saying that these connections were evident during the G20 Summit in September of last year, where India and

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