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The statements of the family of Azad Yousuf Kumar, a Kashmiri man who was allegedly tricked and unintentionally thrown into the Russia-Ukraine conflict, have been recorded by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Following the filing of a FIR against 19 individuals and visa consulting organisations connected to the exploitation of Indian youngsters, the agency recently recorded their testimony.

Sajad Ahmed Kumar, Azad’s older brother, told PTI that the CBI asked him about his brother’s circumstances and requested that he appear in person at their New Delhi headquarters. He was unable to cooperate, nevertheless, because of his present financial situation.

Additionally, Sajad stated that the CBI had gotten in touch with the families of the other twelve Indian men who were impacted, and they stressed how much they wanted their loved ones to return safely.


Azad, a 31-year-old Pulwama native and engineering graduate, first went to Dubai in search of employment but was duped by deceptive advertising and ended up joining the Russian army as a mercenary.

His family described the dangerous circumstances he was in near the Ukrainian border and begged the authorities to step in and ensure his safe return.

The family claims that after being drawn in by YouTuber Faisal Khan, Azad departed for Dubai on December 14 of last year in quest of a respectable career. However, the young man had no idea that he would be engaged in combat.

“The YouTuber promised him a job in Dubai. But in the end, he became a Russian army mercenary,” the family claimed, calling on the federal authorities to intervene.

He claimed that Azad is able to make two or three minute nighttime calls to the family. “Right now, they are building bunkers in the forests. They are now farther away from the Black Sea. He quoted his brother, saying, “They take over the areas and build bunkers there.

According to him, Azad received a 15-day military training programme during which he was shot and required two weeks of hospitalisation. “He has a two-and-a-half-month-old son whom he has not even met so far.” According to Sajad, he was informed by the agents that Azad would be sent to work as a kitchen assistant; however, he was sent to fight alongside the Russian Army.

Despite attempts by Indian authorities to communicate with the Russian government and

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