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Prior to the first Gaganyaan uncrewed mission, ISRO planned to conduct. The execution is scheduled for early August.

S Somanath, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), announced during an event at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) that the first abort mission for India’s first human spaceflight, “Gaganyaan,” would be conducted at the end of August this year and that the unmanned mission to orbit would take place the following year.

“The abort mission must be completed as a top priority for Gaganyaan. We created a brand-new rocket for this purpose, the test vehicle, which is prepared at Sriharikota. When questioned about the most recent progress on Gaganyaan, Mr. Somanath told reporters that the crew module and crew escape system assemblies were just getting ready.

“So I’ve been told that it will undergo a fully functioning testing, vibration testing, etc. this month’s end. So, we’re aiming to be able to launch this crew abort mission by the end of August or so. A repeat mission with new abort conditions will then come after that. This is set to happen this year, he stated.

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