Following the G20, TEJAS and other significant agreements between India and Argentina will also be approved: Spanish Media

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Buenos Aires: For the past 70 years, India and Argentina have had established relations. In the coming days, these ties may get better. Argentina has increased collaboration in key areas like defence, mining, nuclear, and lithium. It is currently in talks with India to purchase TEJAS fighters. Alberto Fernandez, the president of Argentina, will visit India the following week to participate in the 18th G20 Summit. His visit could be very significant for India’s defence relations.

On August 24, Argentina was added to the list of six new nations that would join the BRICS alliance, which presently consists of South Africa, India, Russia, Brazil, and China. Fernandez claimed that Argentina was entering a “new landscape” following the BRICS conference in Johannesburg. Argentina sees India as the leader of the Global South in this situation.

Diplomacy with Lithium

Rechargeable batteries for cell phones, computers, digital cameras, and electric vehicles are the most significant applications for lithium. Some non-rechargeable batteries, like those in watches, toys, and heart pacemakers, also use lithium. Dinesh Bhatia, the Indian ambassador to Argentina, has already hosted a number of significant gatherings. These meetings are reportedly quite significant. At the Casa Rosada, the nation’s administrative centre and home to the President, a meeting was held with Fernandez.

Constant meetings are taking place.

Argentina views India as a South American nation that has demonstrated unusual inclination to advance the goals of emerging economies, particularly given that it is currently in charge of the G20. The ongoing strategic cooperation between the two nations is being strengthened as well as the countries’ ties are deepened. Argentina claims that India is considering electromobility. It propels the growth of manufacturing chains and leads in the area as well as the development of vital minerals like copper and lithium.

Nuclear Energy Alliance

Indian Ambassador Bhatia met with Argentina’s Secretary of Strategic Affairs Mercedes Marco del Ponte. Before Fernandez’s trip to India, they held several crucial discussions about ongoing collaboration in vital areas. In the past month, representatives from India have also met with representatives from Argentina’s Combustibles Nucleares Argentinos (CONUAR) and Commission National de Energia Atomica (CNEA). These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including cooperation on radioisotopes, heavy water, space metals, and nuclear medicine.

High Demand for HAL Weapons

Argentina is thinking about updating its fleet of helicopters. Through a fruitful cooperative endeavour, it has shown an interest in including the Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) and Advanced Light Helicopter (AHL) models. For 12 fighter jets from Buenos Aires, India’s cutting-edge fourth generation Tejas fighter aircraft is also a contender.


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