The worrying point for the forces, however, is that the youths are still joining the terror groups

NEW DELHI: The incessant multipronged strategy with better operational synergy adopted by the security forces has not only constricted the operational areas and sustenance for the terrorists but it also is forcing the foreign terrorist commanders operating in Kashmir to expose themselves, say sources in the armed forces.

The worrying point for the forces, however, is that the youths are still joining the terror groups.

Sharing a data on the number of terrorists eliminated in security operations, an Army officer said, “Of the total of 120 killed in Kashmir till June 29 this year, 32 were foreign terrorist.”

The police also shared data on counter-terrorist operations and according that, only 55 terrorists were killed in the corresponding period in 2021.

Out of these slain terrorists, only two were foreign.

“The prompt action based on intelligence inputs from the ground has constricted the areas of activity for the terrorists and this has forced the foreign ultras to come out in the open and thus exposing themselves.”

“We eliminate a terrorist within 72 hours of the intelligence input received from multiple sources, including the human intelligence and the technical intelligence,” the Army officer said.

Inspector-General of Police Vijay Kumar has also tweeted the success of the strategy.

“Due to enhanced Humint, Techint and focused operations, the surviving rate of terrorists is drastically decreasing,” he said.

Army officers say that the locals of the state are fed up with terrorism and have been actively trying to distance themselves from the menace. As a testimony of this, an initiative of the villagers led to the capture of two LeT operatives on Sunday.

Acknowledging their act of bravery, L-G Manoj Sinha declared an award for the villagers.

“I salute the bravery of villagers of Tukson Dhok, Reasi, who apprehended two most-wanted terrorists. Such determination by common man shows end of terrorism is not far away. UT Govt to extend Rs 5 Lakh cash reward to villagers for gallant act against terrorists and terrorism,” tweeted the L-G’s office.

But, the number of youth joining the terrorist organisations in the state is still worrying for the armed forces. As per one estimate, around 70 to 75 youths have joined terror groups till the end of June. The figure was the same for the entire 2021. “We have been in communication with the families to seek their assistance in convincing youth to not pick guns,” said Army sources.

Kashmir: Hotbed of Terrorism

Over 64% of youths joining terrorism in J&K killed within a year.

Only 26.6% of them survived for more than 12 months.

Fate of 9.3% of them was not known.

70-75 youths joined terror groups in first 5 months of this year.

59 terrorist killings this year (Jan-May).

31 killings last year.

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