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Geneva: French author Rene Naba has released his latest book on the nuclear emergency and threat posed by the nexus of Pakistan and China to South Asia, and the world at large.

The book on the “Nuclearization of Asia” was released this week at the Geneva Press Club, which saw the in-person participation of 35 persons. Twenty-three people participated via virtual mode.

Geneva international radio representative, Tribune de Geneve, and two UN press correspondents participated as well.

According to the French publication Labna News, Rene Naba is the author of two books on Asia, including one which discusses the security threat posed by Pakistan.

The author is the former head of the Arab Muslim world in the diplomatic service of AFP and vice president of the International Center for the Fight against Terrorism (CILT), according to the Geneva Press Club.

Previously, he authored a book titled ‘Pakistan, facing the challenge of the post-Western world’ (Golias 2019).

This book on nuclearization of Asia comes a few weeks after US President Joe Biden described Pakistan as “one of the most dangerous nations” in the world.

He said Pakistan holds “nuclear weapons without any cohesion.” Biden made these remarks at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Reception in Los Angeles, California.

The remarks on Pakistan were made while Biden was talking about US foreign policy with regard to China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Biden concluded by saying he considered Pakistan to be the most dangerous country in the world.

This comment was not received well in Pakistan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was forced to defend the precarious state of its nuclear program.

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