From cross postings to joint weapon acquisitions, the Defence Ministry is promoting an integration culture in the armed forces.

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The decision to have people cross-posted in other services, holding of joint drills, and joint staffing in organisations are only a few of the initiatives that have been made to further deepen integration and jointness within the military forces, according to senior government officials.

According to the military, “the three service chiefs will soon have personal staff from other services to assist them in carrying out their daily tasks to promote the integration of the three services.”

Numerous other measures have been made, such as putting workers from all three organisations on an equal footing when it comes to admitting students to the schools that are managed by those services.

Defence Ministry civilians were given second priority, Army and Air Force personnel were kept after them, and wards of naval personnel had first priority at a school administered by the navy in the past, according to the officials.

“Now the wards of personnel from all three services would be in the first priority category, and this would be applicable in schools run by all three services,” they declared. Similar institutions, such as the Army or Air Force Golf Course in the nation’s capital, or Kota House, would only provide memberships to their soldiers, but now they would be accessible to all personnel, they claimed. According to the officials, the services had only developed infrastructure and systems over time to meet their own service-specific needs, but as the nation moves towards establishing theatre commands where personnel from all three services will fight future wars together, it is necessary to create a culture of integration.

The appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff was a crucial step taken by the government to improve cooperation amongst the forces.

The three service chiefs and CDS General Anil Chauhan have been collaborating to establish three theatre commands, and plans are moving forward to establish them during this fiscal year.

Under the control of the Defence Ministry, the Department of Military Affairs, led by the CDS, is in charge of the mission.

Additionally, the forces have resolved that all significant upcoming drills would be conducted jointly with participation from all three services.

The process of purchasing Predator drones from the US was likewise carried out collaboratively by the forces, with the tri-services Integrated Defence Staff managing the case and deciding on the quantity to be purchased for nationwide monitoring.

The tri-services IDS would only be in charge of many more crucial purchases for upcoming weapon systems that would be made primarily from domestic sources in order to minimise the cost of both their acquisition and upkeep.

According to officials, the DMA and the three agencies would take numerous additional steps to attain the targeted level of force integration.


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