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Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said the Voice of the Global South Summit illustrates India’s commitment to the “global vision of One World, One Family.”

Mirziyoyev stated in his virtual presentation at the inaugural leaders’ session of ‘Voice of Global South: For Human-Centric Development’ that the event will make a significant contribution to the success of India’s G20 chairmanship.

“I am convinced that this event will contribute significantly to the success of India’s G20 presidency, whose international impact, economic, technological, and intellectual capacity is expanding,” he added.

According to a statement issued by the President’s Office of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated that the globe is witnessing an increase in numerous disagreements and conflicts, as well as the harmful impacts of the economic crisis. He stated that there is a reduction in open conversation and mutual trust in international ties around the world. The COVID-19 epidemic, the food and energy security dilemma, and environmental issues, he claims, are all having a detrimental impact on global development prospects.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan stated that the United Nations’ core principle of “Leave No One Behind” is becoming more relevant in today’s world. According to a statement provided by the Uzbek President’s office, he emphasised the importance of India’s active role in strengthening mutually beneficial ties with developing countries. Mirziyoyev emphasised that India-Uzbekistan relations have reached new heights.

“At this point, I’d like to underline India’s active involvement in forging mutually beneficial and fruitful connections with developing countries. In recent years, relations of strategic partnership and practical collaboration between Uzbekistan and India have reached a completely new level, serving the joint interests of our peoples “Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated.

“In recent years, strategic partnership and practical cooperation relations between Uzbekistan and India have reached a completely new level and serve the joint interests of our peoples,” he continued.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev appreciates and supports India’s G20 Presidency, its priority goals and noble aspirations. He said that the international trade system must be improved. He stated that Voice of Global South Summit must take into account the necessary conditions must be created to untap the potential of the developing nations.

According to the statement released by Uzbekistan’s President, Mirziyoyev called it important to develop common approaches on creating a fair competitive environment at the global level. Furthermore, he said that the agenda of the World Summit should include issues of ensuring the energy and food security of developing countries, creating global logistics and value chains, and assistance in attracting investment and modern technologies.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated that the subject of educating the next generation must be prioritised. He stated that the world must involve talented youth in the establishment of international and national initiatives in climate change, water resource management, alternative energy, digitization, and other critical sectors.

Mirziyoyev urged the development of a platform for discussion of nations “Voice of the Youth. The negative consequences of the world’s many increasing conflicts have mostly been felt by developing countries.

“I am convinced that during India’s G20 chairmanship, which my beloved brother Narendra Modi called as “the country of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi,” new approaches and ideas for global peace and security will be offered to the entire community,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated.

“I am confident that you would support the initiative to organise an international conversation group to address the Afghan crisis, which Uzbekistan is also promoting,” he continued.

“We always support India’s strong efforts to preserve the interests of developing countries at the international level,” he added. Without a doubt, all proposals and actions voiced today will serve the interests of the people and the goals of sustainable development.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, highlighting reforms accomplished in Uzbekistan, described human dignity and interests as a “paramount goal” of Uzbekistan’s strategy. He stated that the development plan of Uzbekistan is to build the rule of law and develop human capital in a “just and robust civil society.” He stated that Uzbekistan has developed a strategy to “achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth and to halve the country’s poverty.”

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