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As the second Indian citizen to fly into space, Gopichand Thotakura is about to create history. He will be going into space as a member of the crew for Blue Origin, the space business founded by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, on the New Shephard-25 (NS-25) mission.

The date of the flight will shortly be disclosed.

The first Indian person to travel to space was Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, a former pilot in the Indian Air Force, who did so in 1984.

Thotakura discusses his love of flying, his dream, and how the mission is preserving Mother Earth in an exclusive conversation with ANI. He goes on to discuss space tourism and how it can create opportunities while keeping costs down and making it available to the general public.

For Thotakura, this is a time of immense pride and enthusiasm. He explains, “I can’t express my feelings right now because it is something that is not in the urban dictionary,” in an attempt to explain his feelings. I carry it around with me. I often tell people that from the moment of your birth till your departure, all you want to do is wake up and look up at the sky and take a breath. However, I would like the chance to do the opposite and look down from above. Although films do a great job, you still have to use your own eyes to see what the human eye is capable of seeing. The entire thrill is about to take a peek back and observe what’s happening, without being

He reaffirmed Blue Origin’s slogan, “For the benefit of Earth,” and expressed his belief that safeguarding Mother Earth is crucial. “It is for them to protect Mother Earth that they are seeking life and adventure outside the planet,” he stated.

“The mission for Blue Origin or any other company is to make it affordable,” he responds when questioned about space tourism. We still don’t know what the affordable amount is, but something has to give in order for it to become affordable,” he remarked.

He added that in an effort to expand space tourism and enter that market, Blue Origin has partnered with NASA to launch a private international space station. “I believe that space tourism is where the future is,” he stated.

Gopichand emphasises the importance of pursuing one’s aspirations and advises the next generation to believe that all is possible if one is determined and forges their own path.

On behalf of Club for the Future, the charity that supports Blue Origin, each astronaut will bring a postcard into space. The club’s goal is to encourage and uplift the next generation to work in STEAM fields for the good of the planet.

The six-person crew for Blue Origin, the space business founded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, includes Mason Angel, Sylvain Chiron, Kenneth L. Hess, Carol Schaller, Gopi Thotakura, and former Air Force Captain Ed Dwight. They were announced for the NS-25 mission. Notably, Ed Dwight became the first black astronaut nominee in US history when President John F. Kennedy chose him in 1961. Regretfully, he never had the chance to take a space flight.

The date of the flight will shortly be disclosed.

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