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London: A consignment carrying several kilogrammes of uranium was intercepted at Heathrow Airport in the UK, prompting the opening of a significant counterterrorism investigation, according to Dailymail Online, the website of the UK tabloid daily Daily Mail.

The shipment containing uranium that was discovered at Heathrow’s cargo area was addressed to a UK company with connections to Iran.

Despite the fact that the nuclear material is now regarded as “deadly,” a UK media outlet said that the uranium was “not weapons-grade” and hence could not be used to create a thermonuclear device, according to sources.

The Uranium-containing box, according to the British tabloid newspaper The Sun, originated in Pakistan before arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal Four on an Oman Air passenger flight from Muscat.

When Border Force agents realised it was uranium, they put the shipment in a radioactive chamber and called in counterterrorism officers.

“We can confirm Border Force colleagues at Heathrow contacted officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command after a very small amount of contaminated material was discovered during routine screening within a package coming into the UK on December 29, 2022,” the Met Police told the UK-based news outlet MailOnline.

According to Dailymail Online, Commander Richard Smith stated, “I want to reassure the public that the amount of tainted material was extremely little and has been assessed by professionals as posing no harm to the public.”

“Our investigation is still ongoing, but based on what we’ve learned so far, it doesn’t seem to be connected to any immediate danger. However, in order to confirm that this is unquestionably the case, we will continue to pursue all avenues of inquiry “added the commander.

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