How India is securing the Chicken’s Neck region amid Chinese misadventures along the Lac (BRAHMOS, RAFALE, AND MORE)

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The Indian government has taken a number of actions to thwart any Chinese aggression in the Siliguri Corridor in Sikkim because it recognises the urgency and the quickly shifting tactical situation.

Here is a list of the top five offensive and defensive weapons the government has introduced in the area.

General Anil Chauhan, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), visited the forward areas of North Bengal over the weekend to assess the operational readiness of the Armed forces in the Chicken neck corridor of Sikkim.

Since May 2020, Chinese and Indian forces have been engaged in a border stalemate along the entire Line of Actual Control (LAC).

General Chauhan travelled to Bengal’s Hashimara Air Base, where the IAF has stationed its newest fighter aircraft, the Dassault Rafale. He also went to the 33rd “Trishakti Corps” headquarters in Sukna.

At one point (in 2017), the border crossing between India, China, and Bhutan was the scene of a two-month standoff between Chinese and Indian military.

The Chinese attempted to build a road in the Bhutanese region of Doklam during the two-month-long dispute. After that, the Indian Army invaded Bhutan and ordered the Chinese to stop their building.

The Siliguri Corridor in the state of Sikkim would have been in danger had the Chinese been able to access the Jampheri ridge more easily as a result of the road’s development at the Doklam plateau.

The Indian government has taken numerous actions to thwart any Chinese aggression in the “Chicken’s Neck” area or the Siliguri Corridor in Sikkim because it recognises the urgency and the quickly shifting tactical situation.

Here is a list of the top five pieces of offensive and defensive gear the government has introduced in the area.

India and Russia jointly manufacture the BrahMos, a supersonic land assault cruise missile. The missile can annihilate adversarial objects at distances of more than 290 kilometres and has a top speed of 2.9 Mach.

India has also created BrahMos air-launched variants, known as Brahmos-A, which can be carried by Sukhoi Su-30MKI aircraft of the Indian Air Force and have a range of more than 400 miles.

To prevent the Chinese from engaging in any military misadventures, the Indian Army has stationed a regiment of BrahMos missiles in the chicken neck region.

The Indian Air Force has recently included a squadron of 18 French Rafale planes at the Hashimara Air Base in the northern Bengal region, significantly reinforcing its offensive stance.

The Air Force can use the multi-role Dassault Rafales to carry out air defense, air interdiction, and strike missions.

India spent more than $9 billion for 36 planes from France in 2016. The Rafales and BrahMos land-attack cruise missiles give the IAF a powerful offensive punch.

An opposing fighter jet, cruise missile, or ballistic missile can be destroyed by the S-400 SAM at ranges of more than 400 kilometres. From Russia, India purchased five regiments of this system for more than $5 billion.

The IAF has already received three units from Russia. To protect the western borders against Pakistan and the northern borders against China, the first regiment was stationed in the Punjab region.

According to reports, the second regiment was stationed in the Siliguri corridor’s “chicken’s neck” region to prevent Chinese fighter jets from entering Indian Air space.

Together with Israel, India’s DRDO created the Abhra SAM air defence system. The SAM could outperform airborne targets at distances more than 70 km. Early in February, the system—also known as MRSAM in Army parlance—was introduced in the operational zone of the Army 33 Corps.

Akash, yet another air defence system, was also placed in the area. Together with the Abhra MRSAM and S-400 system, the Akash air-defence system secures Indian territory’s eastern air space from Chinese penetration.

DRDO created the Akash air defence system, which Bharat Dynamics Limited produced. (BDL). The Indian Ministry of Defence recently agreed to pay Rs 8,160 crore for two extra regiments of the upgraded Akash air-defence system for the border with China.

The upgraded Akash includes a new seeker technology, a smaller footprint, a 360-degree engagement capacity, and 82% of its overall material is indigenous, with 93% of it coming from indigenous sources by 2026–2027.

Along with deploying offensive and defensive weaponry in the area, Indian forces are also engaging in a number of combined military and air-assault drills there.

Additionally, Arunachal Pradesh is receiving a two-day visit from Union Home Minister Amit Shah. As part of the Indian government’s “Vibrant Villages program,” the Home Minister will visit the Kibithoo community.

Shah will dedicate a number of infrastructure initiatives in the region, such as those that would improve the infrastructure for the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. (ITBP).

Just a week prior to his arrival, the Chinese renamed 11 locations in Arunachal Prades


It was stated that the DRDO’s mandate is to create cutting-edge technology and eventually transfer them. It stated that the goal of DRDO is to create innovative technology that will eventually be transferred.

In NEW DELHI: The parliamentary standing committee on defence has suggested that in the current fiscal 2023–24 additional monies be given to DRDO during the mid-year review in Revised Estimates because it is unhappy with the inadequate budget for defence R&D.

The committee reviewed the money given to the department of defence’s research and development over the previous five years.

The committee discovered a decline in DRDO spending as a percentage of global GDP over the past few years with regard to budgetary allocations. The percentage contribution of the defence R&D budget to total GDP has decreased from 0.088 in 2017–18 to 0.078 in 2021–22, according to figures provided by the ministry of defense, it stated.

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