Huzdar Blase is considered by Baloch activists as a dark chapter in the Baloch Genocide.

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There is a lot of worry and outrage about the recent explosion that occurred in Khuzdar’s market in Baluchistan. The tragedy has been categorically described by Baloch activists as another tragic chapter in what they believe to be a continuing genocide against the Baloch people.

Mahrang Baloch, a Baloch activist, condemned the Pakistani government for failing to uphold the rule of law in Baluchistan. She charged that the government was permitting criminal organisations to function in the area.

Mahrang Baloch wrote on X, saying, “The bombing in Khuzdar during Eid and Ramadan is a continuation of the incidents of Baloch genocide.” The Baloch will not submit to the state permitting criminal groups and people to commit atrocities on their territory.

Brahag Baloch, another activist from the Baloch community, said that Pakistani intelligence services were involved in the planning of the Khuzdar explosion.

Another prominent voice on X, Brahag Baloch, went a step further and claimed that Pakistani intelligence agencies were involved in planning the Khuzdar explosion. Brahag claims that these organisations are secretly inciting unrest and panic among the Baloch people by enlisting the help of criminal groups.

“Eastern Baluchistan: Khuzdar blast is the work of Pakistani intelligence agencies, after the target killing, abduction & mutilated bodies of Baloch, now the state of Pakistan is creating an atmosphere of fear by blowing explosives through criminal elements,” Brahag Baloch said on X.

Prominent proponent of Baloch rights, the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC), expressed grave worry over the explosion. The BYC encouraged the whole community to hold the criminals accountable for their horrible acts and called for international assistance.

The BYC has long been at the forefront of advocacy work in Baluchistan, bringing attention to concerns like economic oppression, forced displacement, military operations, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings. This must be noted.

The explosion on April 7th, which resulted in multiple fatalities and numerous injuries, highlights the declining security state of affairs in Baluchistan.

According to preliminary police investigations, the explosives were placed on a motorbike and caused destruction in a crowded market area that included women and children.

Growing insecurity has prompted locals to call

In order to learn the truth about these kinds of instances, activists have called for a comprehensive investigation by the United Nations Working Group.

Calls for accountability are more urgent than ever against the backdrop of underdevelopment in Baluchistan and claims of extensive violations of human rights by Pakistan’s spy service, the Inter-Services spy (ISI).

The international world must take these appeals seriously and endeavour to bring about justice and peace in Baluchistan.

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