The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximately Quantity 500 Long Range Guidance kit with Warhead (in the short-term) from registered Indian vendors.

The first part of the RFI incorporates operational characteristics and features that should be met by the equipment. Few important technical parameters of the proposed equipment are also mentioned.

The second part of the RFI states the methodology of seeking response of vendors. Submission of incomplete response format will render the vendor liable for rejection.

The guidelines issued is in the criteria for Vendor Selection/Pre-Qualification in Buy (Indian-IDDM), Buy (Indian) and Buy & Make (Indian) Cases.

Intended Use of Equipment (Operational Requirements): There is a need to increase the standoff ranges of the warhead using long range guidance kits. The long range guidance kits may use the glide and / or the booster technique to enhance the standoff ranges. Sensors based on the Satellite Navigation System, IIR and laser may be used to improve the accuracy of the guidance at the impact point of warhead. The long range guidance kit with warhead is intended to be used against soft targets such as bridges, roads, communication centres and hard targets such as bunkers and underground facilities which are located deep inside enemy territory. The long range guidance kits with warheads are intended to be installed on fighter aircraft of Indian Armed Forces using standard suspension system.

Quantity Required: The quantity of 560 Long Range Guidance Kits with warhead are required on immediate basis with a long term requirement of approximately 1,500. The anticipated delivery timelines for the First-Off-Production-Model shall not be later than 24 months from the date of award of contract. All the deliveries for the immediate quantities shall be completed by not later than 60 months from date of award of contract.

Compatibility: Compatible to Rafale, TEJAS and Mirage-2000 aircraft, and aircraft carrier based present and future fighter aircraft on Indian Navy for drop from the cleared bomb racks for carriage of bombs of 250 kg calibre on all feasible stations of the aircraft.

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